From which month will my subscription start?

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If you're not a customer:

Your subscription will start from the same month of your purchase. Ex: If you place a 3 month subscription in August, your subscription will start with the August box.  For further details and other queries, just click here and send us a message on chat > 

If you're a customer:

For example, if your subscription ends in August, and you renew your subscription in the same month, your new subscription will start from September (provided you use the same email ID to renew and for the same age group). 

There are chances that while placing the order, the order confirmation page shows it starts from August. However, if you use the same (as old subscription) registered email ID for renewing for the same age group, our systems will identify that you are an existing customer and will ship boxes starting from September. 

In case you want to change the subscription 'starting month' then please inform us and we will do the needful.  Please click here and send us a message on chat, with your registered phone number stating which month you wish to start your subscription from. 

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